Our range of products, include components like Starter Pinion, Switch Housing for Starter Motor Solenoid Switches, Caliper Pistons used in Automobile Disc Brake Applications etc. We manufacture and supply such components as original equipments to automobile manufacturers and their ancillaries on a regular basis. We are on a continuous pursuit to expand our range and serve the engineering industries in their efforts for material saving. The main thrust areas are expected to be Automobile sub systems such as Gear Box, Engine, Steering systems, Suspension, Airbags etc.

We have many firsts to our credit in the area of product development. A European customer, approached us for development of a product comprising of a Hollow Cylinder and a Flange to brazed, machined and supplied after 100% checking for leak at the brazed joint. About 15% of the components failed in the leak testing and had to be rejected resulting in huge wastage. We in Ramind converted this into an integral piece through cold forging process eliminating the procedure of leak testing and wastage due to rejection at the final stage. This resulted in considerable savings on Raw Material and processing time reducing the product cost by more than 30%.

We produce basic profile of spur gear internally to be used as planetary gear after final finish machining only for another customer in Europe. This has reduced considerable saving of machining time in terms of gear hobbing of the gear profile which would be otherwise needed and saving in material as well which would just get wasted as scrap during the process of gear hobbing