Substantial saving in Valuable Raw material

We have saved almost 60% of Raw Material Cost by producing this component by cold drawing. If this component is produced from bar material by machining, the entire material in the annular area would have would have got machined, producing a huge heap of scrap.

In contrast to Metal Processing by cutting, Cold Forging does not produce any Swarf.

This does not need any explanation. This is only a statement of fact.

Cold Forging process improves the Material Strength.

Instead of cutting the metal fibres as it happens in machining operation, Cold Foging tends to orient fibres in one direction, adding strength.
Results in higher Yield Strength due to work hardening..
Fatigue strength also improves.

Cold Forging presents unique advantage in the production of Blind Parts requiring internal splines or profiles.

Such parts are highly suited for Cold Forging as it is quite difficult to produce Blind Profiles by machining.